Aug. 24, 2009 (Business Wire) — OLB Group, Inc. (OTC BB: OLBG), an e-commerce service provider that has software products and services designed to help businesses sell products over the internet, announced today that the company will be offering “patented” derma-cosmetic products from Leorex Ltd. to its clients for marketing to their end users. To coincide with our joint venture a new website has now been launched utilizing the current platform of e-commerce from ShopFast, OLBG’s software platform, at

OLBG offers two software products to their clients who sell through the internet: ShopFast Direct Shopping Database (ShopFast DSD) and ShopFastProfitCenter (ShopFast PC). Each product guides the user in creating an e-commerce Web site and help in selling products from a database maintained by OLBG. Online retailers (OLBG’s clients) can then create a customized Web site, designed to their own specifications, and sell products from OLBG’s database at a fraction of the cost of building their own e-commerce site from scratch. The store owner can also customize their individual site with logos, a unique layout and many other features.

OLB Group leverages the proprietary software known as ShopFast to develop additional e-commerce businesses such as the partnership with Leorex, Ltd. OLB will be driving internet shopping traffic to generate sales for Leorex and OLB Group’s independent internet retailers. With the analytical marketing tools integrated in the ShopFast platform, OLBG can monitor the success of its advertising offers and make real-time adjustments to maximize sales.

There is a booming market for cosmetic and health-related services, as studies show the number of Americans over 55 will grow by 60% in the next 20 years and their buying power will exceed $2.5 trillion by 2010. According to a report from market research company Global Industry Analysts the market for anti-aging products is predicted to reach $115.5 billion by 2010.

The report further notes that both changes in lifestyle and grooming practices are occurring amongst consumers in an attempt to fight against aging and to minimize its visible effects. This is leading to an increase in spending on anti-aging products, which in addition to an ever younger consumer base, result in improved market opportunities.

Also according to the report, younger consumers – those aged between 25 and 30 – are progressively more interested in anti-aging products, particularly topical skin treatments.

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The OLB Group is an e-commerce service provider that delivers fully outsourced private label shopping solutions. We provide our clients with a seamless, end-to-end e-commerce solution, including site creation, hosting, transaction processing, order fulfillment, customer service, sales reporting, as well as a virtual inventory of name-brand products from top-selling categories on the Internet. Our private label shopping site is designed to maintain the unique look and feel of our customer’s website, providing seamless e-commerce functionality that keeps users on the on the shopping site at all times. Order fulfillment and customer service are also provided under the brand names of our clients. We remain invisible to the consumer. Our e-commerce platform also enables our clients to create their own online marketing promotions and to customize product content to meet the needs of their online users. Our turnkey online shopping solutions include “ShopFast Direct Shopping Database” or “ShopFast DSD.” and ShopFast PC (profit center).

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About Leorex

Leorex Ltd. develops derma-cosmetic products based on nano-technology for treating skin problems. Established in 1999, Leorex creates a constant stream of new products through an ongoing cycle of research and development, followed by the launching and marketing of new products. International patents protect the innovation and originality of Leorex products, which are manufactured in accordance with the world’s most rigorous standards of quality control for the manufacture of drugs and cosmetics – the GMP and the American FDA and in accordance with the regulations issued by different Ministries of Health. Leading dermatologists in this field test the efficacy of Leorex products in research laboratories in Israel and around the world. The unique line of Leorex derma-cosmetic products acts in different ways from other cosmetic products, by the unique physical basis underlying the Leorex performance. As a matter of fact, Leorex products have a new structure to such an extent, that they cannot be classified by any known cosmetics terminology ,e.g. creams, gels, lotions, masks or ointments. These products are defined by a new term in cosmetics: “Leorex”. Leorex products provide a genuine solution to the markets’ requirements and therefore, the use of these products is rising in a steep curve in an ever growing number of countries. These products work in a unique, highly effective way, with both immediate and long term results.

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